These Four Walls exhibition was curated by Susan Francis for Chapel Arts Studios

Chapel Arts Studios in Andover is open Thursday –Saturday 11-4pm . The exhibition runs between 29 October-19 November.

I am excited to be invited by artist/curator Susan Francis to exhibit alongside Katharine Fry, Hermione Allsopp and Patrick Galway work on the theme of domestic interiors. The home provides a container of the inner world from the outer space. The walls of the home create further boundaries within that frame. Not many people get to see inside. Some of my images suggest a surreal dream like image of the home. Whatever really goes on behind closed doors within ‘These 4 Walls’ is left to imagine.

In this painting called Standing Lamp, oil on canvas 152x102cm, I have turned the bedside lamp into the ‘lady of the lamp’ standing guard by the bed.