Dante’s Inferno

I was awarded a Sir John Kinross scholar to Florence by the Royal Scottish Academy in 1989 where my interest in Dante’s Inferno began. Then in 1995 I was a Commonwealth Universities research scholar in India studying scroll painting. Last year I was awarded a bursary from the a-n and British arts council enabling me to combine this research. During a residency at the Lemonade litho studios, I was able to edition ‘Dante’s Inferno’ with Catherine Ade. It was a theme which I used as a metaphor for the politically challenging times we live in and my personal journey.

This project was reviewed by the ‘Wonder book’ at this link www.thewonderbook.com/debbie-lee-and-dante-inferno . There was an article in the Winter 2022 edition of Printmaking Today, ‘Turning Up the Heat’. It was also included in Paul Croft’s book ‘Collaboration in Practice British Lithography 1800-2022’. Here is a link for the residency at Lemonade press thelemonadepress.co.uk/projects/debbie-lee

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